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E-MAIL: nightheron @ pacbell.net (remove spaces)

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/KayDeeCollectionCostumes

I do not rent out costumes and I am not selling any of my personal costumes.

Please try ebay if you are looking for Han Solo or Princess Leia costumes.

You can also try the-magic-wardrobe.com for custom made Star Wars costumes (this is not a personal endorsement of The Magic Wardrobe at all, just a suggestion.).

If you are looking for custom made Jeannie costumes you may consider contacting Dan Moyer.

COMMISSIONS: I do occasionally make costumes, jewelry, accessories and props on a commission basis. I tend to only have time for a few commissions a year for local friends and referrals.

- Kathy S.


Kay Dee Designs