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Austin Powers International Man of Mystery
Pussycat Club Bar Waitress
"It's a Man Baby!" Mondrian Dress

September 2011

This costume was made for an Austin Powers dance skit in the Dragon Con 2011 Masquerade.

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Austin Powers Mondrian Dress   Austin Powers It's a Man Baby   Pussycat Club Mondrian Dress


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Austing Powers Bar Waitress   Austin Powers Bar Waitress  

It's a Man Baby     Yves Saint Laurent Mondrain Dress

Dragon*Con 2011 Austin Powers skit on You Tube


This dress seen in Austin Powers is inspired by Mondrian artwork and a famous Yves Saint Laurent Mondrian dress from 1965.

PATTERNS : I heavily modified Simplicity 3833 for the dress, and used vintage Simplicity pattern 6702 view 2 for the hat, minus the band, with the brim from view 1.

FABRIC : Stretch vinyl. Black wrights bias tape trim added.

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