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October 2006



Fabric - Navy polyester suiting with charcoal heathering. The uniforms on the show are made from microfiber (polyester) imitation wool crepe suiting. The shoulders are trimmed with midnight ultrasuede light. For the piping I used a grey cotton twill. (I was not able to find a wool or microfiber crepe in the correct color and didn't want to take time to dye my own).

Pattern - For the shirt I started with Period Impressions Officer's shell jacket IM715.

Modifications made to the pattern:
- remove princess seams from the back and convert to darts
- lengthen the entire thing
- raise the under arm cycle about 1 - 1.5" (the sleeve had to be altered to match this alteration).
- raise the sleeve cap on the sleeve
- take in the sleeves to make them narrower
- change the cuffs
- redraft the collar
- redraft the angle of the overlapping closure

For the trouseres I used Vogue V8049. I had to add the correct belt loops and the V shaped hem to the front.

Buttons - I used size 36L antique gold buttons. The Brushed Antique Gold #64/b4296 are sold by Capitol Buttons in Canada by phone order, but they seem to be out of stock in brushed antique gold and instead send most customers brushed antiqued silver or nickle which then have to be painted gold. I instead used buttons from Huscho style 10036 which were antiqued over a brass-like base. Once the raised part of the design is polished it is a very good match to the buttons used in the series.

This is the ordering information from Michael at Huscho Buttons:

The cost of one dozen for 10036 in 36L is $35.40. (They are only sold by the dozen) Shipping and handling is $8.00. Your total would be 43.40. California residents please add 8.23% sales tax to your order. Please make payment via paypal at the following link. Please write in the proper area what you are paying for, and include your phone number. The link is: www.hushcobuttons.com/paypal_payment_option.htm


The boots purchased for this costume were a discontinued style of SWAT Tactical Boots, similar to those worn on the show but not identical. However, subsequently I found a matching boot sold by Galls. They are made in both Men's and Women's sizes. GALLS 8" SAFETY TOE ZIPPER BOOT

Reference photo of TV show boot #1 (Helo's Boot)
Reference photo of TV show boot #2 (Apollo's Boot at Comic con)


The belt is made using this 1.5" Duraflex Buckle purchased from Bag Depot (thanks to moviebuff5 and Geoff for finding them. They appear to be the same brand and size used for the show). 1.5" navy nylon webbing was purchased from Strapworks.


Rank pins and pilot wings were obtained from Mara Jades Father through Dewback Wing ASAP. Thanks to Starfire Phoenix for that tip!

Research Web Sites

Many talented and dedicated individuals have provided a mountain of informative research that helped me in putting together this costume. Here are some helpful sites to visit if you are putting together this uniform:

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