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Battlestar Galactica Mini-Series:
Leoben Conoy (Cylon Number Two) Ragnar Anchorage

August 2009


Leoben is posing as an arms trader at the Ragnar Station Ammunition Reserve. The radiation level in the atmosphere surrounding this station has an adverse affect on Cylon Technology. Thus, Number Two's ill appearance leads Commander Adama to discover that Cylons have created Humanoid models.

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VEST: Neoprene covered with microsuede/ultrasuede.

BOTTOMS : Mountain Equipment Co-op gray canvas pants. The original style seems to have been discontinued, so two pair of the new style were purchased, one cut up for fabric to add the screen accurate cargo pant pockets.

SHIRT : The outer camp shirt is the closest alternative to the authentic shirt we could find. It is the Scandia Woods printed camp shirt in natural available in the Blair Catalog. The inner long sleeve gray shirt is a henley style shirt originally made by Mountain Equipment Co-Op and no longer available. The substitution used is a gray Henley shirt made by Hanes.

SHOES: The original shoes were reported to be Gray Sorel boots by the assistant costume designer. They are very similar to a Sorel boot, but an auction winner documented that they were Columbia boots. The model of Columbia boot used in the series has been discontinued, so we chose a gray North Face boot with a similar rubber protective layer around the toe.

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