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Santa Monica, California
3-2-06 - 3-4-06

Runway Show Thursday March 2nd


After-Show Photo Ops - Friday March 3rd

Dooku & Anakin   "Do It!"   501st & Rebels Unite   Padme
Lake Gown
Beautiful Gown
  Anakin & Padme
(Mike & Caitlin)
  Anakin & Padme
(Mike & Kathy)
  Lord Vader
(LFL Costume)
  Count Dooku
Preparing to
March into the Jedi Temple
  Leia Directs
Order 66 March
  Execute Order 66  
  Storming the Jedi Temple   Friday Night Group Photo  

After-Show Photo Ops - Saturday March 4th

Leia & Luke

  X-Wing Pilot
Jedi & Padme
  Episode II Padmes   Padmes
Guest pose with the
Star Wars Volunteers
  Posing with R2-D2   Anakin, Padme
& Luke
  Bette & Dooku  
Role Reversal
Dooku and Anakin
  The Fetts   Guests pose for photo Ops   Padme
& Artoo
501st and Rebel Legion
  501st and Rebel Legion
Group Photo
  Artoo taunts the Troopers  
Who will win this battle?  

Artoo has the Clone Trooper
on the run.


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