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August 2007


  Battlestar Galactica Green BDU  


Battlestar Galactica Duty Green BDU   Battlestar Galactica Green BDU    

BDU Brands and Styles

Green BDUs used on the series were Tru Spec - RIP STOP BDUS - Color Olive Drab Long Sleeve Tactical Shirt Poly Cotton Ripstop (2 pocket) 6 pocket BDU pants - ripstop poly cotton. (I am actually not certain if it was the poly-cotton blend or 100% cotton used on the show. I forgot to make a note of it at the auction. Whatever you purchase, make sure the fiber content is the same for your jacket and pants so they match). All of the BDUs on the show were overdyed to make them darker, and they were also enzyme washed (this is an industrial textile process) to soften and weather them (think modern version of "acid washing"). I overdyed my BDUs with a combination of Brown, Black, and Green RIT (This is from memory, I lost my exact formula. It would have been more black and brown than green. And it took a lot of dye to make a dent in the polyester blend). Most fans don't bother to overdye the fabric, and most people don't know the difference. The pants on the show were also modified. 3 wide belt loops were added to the pants. Many fans just leave this off, especially if the tank tops are worn untucked. If you want to add accurate belt loops, that means buying one extra set of pants or a shirt to use as spare fabric just to make those belt loops.

Another BDU brand option is Propper. This brand is not used on the show, but it looks the same. It's what I used and I was able to find it in XS which was the size I needed - poly cotton ripstop long sleeve shirt Olive Green and 6 pocket BDU pant poly cotton ripstop Olive Green

Tank Tops

Tank Top sets were sold by Dana Gasser and Got Maul (Joe). This was the sale thread at ASAP Forums http://propreplicas.yuku.com/topic/15469. They are currently selling a new and improved version through their new company ANOVOS. Some fans are also quite pleased with double tanks purchased from this vendor http://www.aradanicostumes.com/cp_undershirt.php (be sure to order the olive and gray combination. Black was not worn in the series)

Patches - My replica patches were purchased from Dana Gasser and Got Maul through the ASAP forums. They are now selling updated versions of these screen accurate patches through ANOVOS.


I found a matching boots to those worn in the series sold by Galls. They are made in both Men's and Women's sizes. GALLS 8" SAFETY TOE ZIPPER BOOT

Reference photo of TV show boot #1 (Helo's Boot)
Reference photo of TV show boot #2 (Apollo's Boot at Comic con)


The belt is made using this 1.5" Duraflex Buckle purchased from Bag Depot (thanks to moviebuff5 and Geoff for finding them. They appear to be the same brand and size used for the show). I used 1.5" forest green nylon webbing as well as 1" nylon webbing for the wrists and pockets.

Green Shoulder Suede

Ultrasuede Light - Color "Ivy"

If you can't find "Light" then get the "Ultrasuede Soft" in Ivy which is just a little thicker http://www.fieldsfabricsonline.com/Ultrasuedereg-Soft-486-Ivy_p_379.html

Pocket and wrist buckles

You will need four 1" black side release buckles for the shirt. The brand is Duraflex 1" stealth. I only know of this seller that sells in packs. http://www.countrybrookdesign.com/Buckles/Plastic/1-Inch/25-1-Duraflex-Stealth-p5394324.html


Rank pins and pilot wings were obtained from Mara Jades Father through Dewback Wing ASAP. Thanks to Starfire Phoenix for that tip!

Dog Tags

I have a generic set from Mara Jade's Father at the Dewback Wing ASAP boards. I also have a set of custom QXM dog tags with my name on them.

Research Web Sites

Many talented and dedicated individuals have provided a mountain of informative research that helped me in putting together this costume. Here are some helpful sites to visit if you are putting together this uniform:

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