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October 2005


This costume was made for a Halloween party.




Fabric - I used a medium weight cotton/polyester jersey knit for this shirt. However, after looking at more photos of this costume believe the shirt in the movie was probably made from a woven cotton fabric instead of a stretch knit (I honestly can't decide).

Pattern - Han's shirt is actually like a polo shirt without buttons. A yoke and a shorter standing collar need to be added. The sleeves on the shirt should be slightly short (just above the wrist bone) and can be worn pushed up. I modified this discontinued Kwik Sew pattern #1242. Any polo style shirt pattern with set in sleeves should work (vintage patterns tend to have more of a set in sleeve style).

What I'd like to change - I'd like to make the collar a little taller, perhaps just 1/4" or less. I also need to remember to stay stitch the neck to prevent it from stretching out when I sew the collar on. The new retro pattern I ordered has set-in sleeves. The pattern I used on this version had sleeves that were a little too modern and sporty with the wide arm-cycle. I'd also like to use a woven cotton or cotton/linen blend.




Fabric - I used a heavy cotton black twill from Stone Mountain and Daughters. I was debating between two weights they had, and now I wish I had gotten the slightly lighter weight fabric. I believe a lighter twill would have turned crisper pocket corners - etc. And I would have been able to use iron-on stabilizer like the pattern called for. Instead I only used stabilizer for the waist and the front opening (not the pocket flaps).

Pattern - I used the Dawn Anderson Falcon Jacket pattern, and drafted my own pockets and loops (basic design of the expanding pockets was taken from the pattern and modified).

Construction - After taking a tour of the Dressing A Galaxy exhibit at FIDM, I learned that Han's ROTJ vest is lined with a lighter weight cotton than the outer shell (something like broadcloth or Kona cotton). It's also bag lined, and the yoke is retained as a part of the lining. As this is the only information I had to go on I lined the ANH vest the same way.

Based on this screen capture I took from the movie, I was able to see that the loops on the back of the vest are all sewn on separately. They are not one long continuos strip of fabric as I've seen some fan made versions are made.

Amiee recently posted a small tutorial on the construction of a Han Solo Vest which some may find useful: http://aimeemajor.com/wp/2013/05/25/making-han-solo-costume-vest/#more-4665



These were a royal pain, and they still need altering (front seam with zipper needs to be taken in. The waist is also too big). It's amazing I finished them in time for the party and that they fit well enough to wear.

Fabric - According to the book "Dressing A Galaxy", brushed denim was used to make the pants. I found some brushed navy denim at Em Be's in Los Angeles, but it is a bit heavier in weight and darker in color than I believe the the real pants should be. I'm also not clear if the pants are a speckled kind of blue jeans denim, I can't find a good reference photo to save my life. Generally, brushed denim is solid in color like cotton twill.

Construction - It's not easy to find a pattern for these tight cavalry pants. I had a failed attempt with a Kwik Sew jeans pattern, and a failed attempt with a trouser pattern (dress trousers are just too loose). I finally ripped apart some pants that were made for us from a light weight twill. I then drafted and altered a pattern based on those pants, and got it to work! The legs had to be tapered quite a bit so that the pants don't balloon out over the boots.

There is a curved back seam to the pants, and I top stitched it since the ROTJ pants on display at FIDM were top stitched.

There is supposed to be a center front crease sewn into the pants, but because I knew I had to alter the zipper placement in the front I didn't want to put in the permanent crease just yet.

Corellian Blood Stripes - I think mine look closer to the size and shape of the ROTJ stripes. I didn't have time to fuss too much given the tight deadline I had. I followed the technique that seems to have been used on the ROTJ pants. The stripes are machine embroidered onto a strip of fabric that matches the pants, and the appliquéed on using a top stitch very close to the folded edge. The stripe appliqué actually lines up just behind the side seam of the pant (at least on the ROTJ pants - which is my only reference).

The stripes were a bit rushed. I didn't have time to program in a nice custom filled rectangle embroidery design into my Viking. I also didn't have time to pull all the loose threads to the under side to tie off. The only way to do this quickly was to use the automatic fix stitch and trim off the threads. It will be simple enough to rip the inside seam open again, tear off the bad stripes, and apply new ones when I have time or desire to make the properly.



Droid Caller - A resin kit was purchased from Corellian Exports.

Tools and com-link - These were also resin kits purchased from Corellian Exports. Due to a miscommunication the com-link was painted the wrong color (dark green). I ordered some real micronox cylinders (what was used in the movie) and we found some metallic blue-green paint at the auto parts store for our second version.

Belt - Han's belt has 3 holes going all the way around. It's at least 1.5" wide if not 1.75" wide. The buckle has 2 prongs that go through the holes at the outer edges. The ROTJ belt is black, but in many photos the ANH belt looks like a very deep brown. I went with black, but I suppose I could have gone with light brown and dyed it dark brown. (belt was purchased from esuspenders.com) It was easy enough to remove the center prong from the buckle with bolt cutters.

Holster - Although I've had fun making my Leia belts from leather, I knew I wouldn't have time to design a template to make the holster. So, I bit the bullet and ordered one from MP Productions.

Blaster - I saved a few dollars and rather than go with Master Replicas I purchased this Type I Mauser Replica from Blast-tech with conversion parts added to it. For 20 extra dollars I think it's worth it to have the seller put it together. I met someone at Dragon*Con who put his together himself, but he explained that with one misplaced drilling of a hole into the Mauser things won't line up correctly.

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