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I Dream of Jeannie:
Jeannie II - Evil Sister

October 2010

This costume is based on Jeannie's "evil" sister (Jeannie II) from "I Dream of Jeannie." The hat, harem dress, necklaces, and earrings made by me.

Evil Jeannie   Evil Jeannie Sister + Major Healey   Jeannie II Evil Sister  

Jeannie- Evil Sister Costume   Evil Jeannie Costume   Jeannie II Evil Sister  

Jeannie II - necklace   Jeannie II   Jeannie II necklace  



Reference Photos

I dream of Jeannie Sister   Jeannie Sister   Jeannie Sister

back   Jeannie II   Evil Jeannie

back   Jeannie II

back   Jeannie II   Evil Jeannie   Necklace Back

back   Jeannie II

Evil Jeannie   Evil Jeannie

Nail Buffer

Jeannie's sister is frequently seen buffing her nails in several episodes. The nail buffer she uses was made by Revlon.

back   Jeannie II   Evil Jeannie




Butterick 3345 - The bolero Jacket was altered. I custom drafted the skirt pattern.


Bolero Jacket: Cotton velveteen - custom dyed blue-green.
Bandeau Top: Strapless Bra covered in hand pleated polyester chiffon
Skirt: Yoke -cotton velveteen - custom dyed blue-green. Mint green and dark teal polyester chiffon.

The color of the fabric used for the costume has been widely debated. There are some fans who strongly believe that the studio snapshot taken with Barbara's double is the accurate color (blue-green). However, it is my opinion that since the only photos that seem to show the costume as blue-green were all scanned from seemingly the same source (you can see a moire pattern from print material such as a magazine) that the original print material is not accurate (there is a color shift in the printing, or the colors have aged over time). Nearly all other source materials I have found be it video (which probably has had color enhancements/changes for the DVD release) as well as studio stills show the green as more of a true kelley green.

Barbara Eden was asked on her official Facebook page on January 5th, 2014 what the true color of the costume was. She reported, " Yes, the costume I wore for the role of Jeannie's sister was absolutely, positively GREEN. Which was perfect for the brunette sister! Green with envy of her sisters master Maj. Nelson! I had so much fun playing her part! It was a fun departure from Jeannie's sweet and endearing nature.

Love to you all darlings, à bientôt! - Barbara

So why did I make my costume blue-green? Simply because I did not have time to dye all of my own fabric and I did not find a medium kelley green chiffon until after my project deadline. Would I ever remake the costume in the proper shade of green? Part of me would love to, but I'd almost rather spend my time making a few of her other costumes from the original series if I delve back into Jeannie again.


Base Wig: Revlon Elara. A few wefts were seam ripped off of the elastic near the center top skin cap to create an opening to pull my own ponytail through. I then put my own hair in a bun on top of this wig. The bangs were trimmed a bit to fit my face. The back of the wig is styled into a french twist.

Ponytail: Revlon Quick Clip 2 Straight (two hair pieces were combined). Available at Sally Beauty Supply. Remove the jaw clip. Use a seam ripper to carefully remove the wefts from one hair piece and sew them on in between the wefts of the other hair piece to increase the fullness of the ponytail. Add wig combs and an elastic draw string if they are not present. Place the wig over your bun (secure with some long bobby pins/roller pins) and make a ponytail.

Braided Bun: Revlon Pony Switch (27") This is braided, and wrapped loosely around the bun on top of the head.

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