Star Wars Episode II Attack Of The Clones

Padme Amidala  


This costume was originally worn by Natalie Portman in the movie "Star Wars II - Attack Of The Clones" during the loyalist committee scene on Coruscant as well when Padme reunites with her new protector, Padawan Anakin Skywalker.

The original costume (Designated "P1 during production) is made of purple silk burnout velvet, and what appears to be purple silk satin or silk taffeta (exact type of silk is unknown at this time). It is embellished with black iridescent sequins and beading as well as what appears to be hand embroidered cording.

I was inspired to recreate this gown in November 2002 after seeing Ferdalump's recreation, and discovering that the silk burnout velvet used on the costume was obtainable from Silk Connection. Photos of the costume from Celebration II were also a great help. After working on this project on and off, I finally completed it in June 2005.

A detailed costume description, research notes, and reference images (which I have helped contribute to) can be seen at The Padawan's Guide. Special thanks to Maggie and the members of the Jedi Council Costuming Forum for all the helpful advice and encouragement along the way.

- Kathy S. (Kay Dee) nightheron @ pacbell.net