Arwen Arwen's Coronation Gown
Costume Overview
Arwen Coronation Costume
Photo: Alley Cat Scratch

This silk velvet gown is composed of two parts:

  1. An outer sleeveless velvet gown with a train.
  2. An inner gown with a beaded lace upper bodice and long semicircular velvet sleeves.

This is Ngila Dickson's description of the costume from taken from the July 31, 2004 Wedding Dresses Magazine

“Fran Walsh asked for green because it had been very emblematic of the elves, and I was horrified. It wasn't a color that particularly suited Liv, unless it is a very strong vibrant green. We conducted many experiments in the dye house, and finally I found that color: soft and luminous at the same time. Liv just glowed in it. The crown was very important to me, and I'd been working on it for a long time. It is based on a butterfly, which was an early theme in Arwen's costumes. I wanted the draping jewels layered from the crown and the luminosity in the silver. I worked very closely with Jasmine, our jeweler, as we refined it, and it surpassed all expectations. It is one of my most favorite costumes ever. Aragorn had to take the mantel of a king. It is a very somber moment for him. It expresses everything he has not wanted to be, and his love for his people means he must give up his freedom to wander in the world. So the costume has that gravity and weight, and the load is lightened by Arwen's return to him.”


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